A B O U T   U S    P R O J E C T S N E W S

Urban Design Studies for NMR, Nairobi, Kenya
Govt. Of NMR, Kenya. With ArCriti.For C.E.S.

Location : Nairobi Metropolitan Area. Kenya.
Scope : Services in Urban Design Team with ArCriti.

The new constitution of Kenya is re organizing the Counties of the Country. The NAIROBI metropolitan area is constituting the Nairobi City & the surrounding of towns, catchments & areas. In Continuation of its Vision Plan, The NMR Govt. Is undertaking a large level study of the many potentials of this Area, with a view to develop the framework of subsequent planning & development. The CES is the principal consultants on the study, ranging from Physical Planning, Infrastructure, ecology, others & Urban design.

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